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Our team of operating partners includes leading entrepreneurs and executives with deep expertise in the active & healthy living sector and the ability to help companies reach the next level.

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VO2 Partners works with company owners to maximize the value of their business and to provide liquidity. With flexibility in our transaction structures and the duration of our investment, we work with you to craft an optimal partnership, whether you are seeking to drive further growth with us as your partner, or exploring an exit from your business.

Our team of leading entrepreneurs and executives has an extraordinary track record of success at launching, growing and selling companies in the active & healthy living sector. We understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. We bring additional resources and deep operating and strategic expertise to help you surmount those challenges, grow faster, and reduce your risk.
We strongly believe that consumers’ powerful interest in products that make them feel healthier, fitter and more active will continue to create highly attractive investment returns, and we focus exclusively on that sector. So we “get it:” we don’t need to get up to speed on your challenges and opportunities, because we are immersed in them everyday. And our sole focus on this sector enables us to bring sector specific relationships and resources to your firm and gives us penetrating insights into how to accelerate your growth and strategically fortify your business.
Backed by the founders of a multi-billion dollar branded consumer products company, we have wide flexibility to partner with you using whatever structure works best: minority investment, majority investment or outright acquisition. And the duration of our investment is flexible as well, with no pre-set holding period for the length of our investment.
We have bought and sold companies as business owners; as investors; and as investment bankers. We understand how to strategically fortify companies through creating and executing growth initiatives. And we understand how to optimally position companies to create maximum value upon sale.

VO2 Partners Solutions

We seek to partner with existing management teams, but we can also provide executive management resources from our team of Operating Partners if you are looking to broaden your management team, seeking certain expertise, or if some members of the existing management team are seeking an exit.

Our capital funds your organic growth opportunities (including inventory, product line extensions, R&D, or distribution and sourcing enhancements), strategic acquisitions, and/or the reduction of financial leverage, improving the risk profile of your business and positioning your company for future growth.
We acquire a portion – minority or majority – of your equity, enabling you to take some money off the table and diversify your net worth, while still maintaining significant ownership and upside potential from future equity gains. You can continue to run the business with access to our deep pool of executive talent to augment your team, or work with us to provide a successor.
We acquire all of your equity, enabling you to diversify your net worth and move on with the confidence that your company will continue to grow and prosper in the right hands.
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Backed by family office capital, we focus exclusively on investing in rapidly growing companies in the active & healthy living sector.

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